Keep Going
Tony Kile

ISBN 978-1-944521-13-4, October 2021
Softcover, 108 pages, 7 x 10 in.

Author's introduction:

Keep Going was written over a year and change, through crippling depression, suicidal ideation, painful sobriety, adamant introspection, and extreme and explorative drug use. It details life, in all its tragedy and frustration and turmoil and without regard to social niceties, other’s “feelings”, or tact. It is honest. It cares very little about what you think. It just states how I feel. It is real. It is a window to my soul. It is a self-portrait of the things in me that matter. Even still, there are pleasant and happy statements spattered throughout, but you’ll notice they are most often tied to sentiments of love and affection, both of which invariably beget deeper frustration and turmoil, just not so immediately, or rather, not so transparently from the start. We all know how true love ends, if we’re honest about it that is. This is a work of absolute and uncompromising honesty. There are parts you’ll likely find uncomfortable or, at least, unpleasant, but keep reading. I figure it’s like this; I hate myself every time I use a semicolon.

For those of us the cosmos have predestined to lives of incomprehensible and inexplicable tragedy, Keep Going is about continuing to move through moments lesser beings would simply concede to.

I kept going.
You can keep going.
Please keep going.

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