Cover by Coşkun Çağlayan

Tales From the Hereafter
Ted Myers

ISBN 978-1944521-18-9,  August 1, 2023
Softcover, 164 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in.

ISBN 978-1-944521-19-6, August 1, 2023
Kindle edition


Is death the end? Most people in the world think not.

In Book I of this collection, Ted Myers imagines seventeen possible post-death experiences, all first-person narratives by people who have died. Each narrator―whether they be male, female, straight, gay, black, white, or something else―has a completely unique experience. And, each narrator’s environment varies with their experience in life. In “Bardo Train to Canarsie,” a Buddhist monk traverses the bardo on a New York City subway train, with only a homeless Black poet as his companion. In “Shop Till You Drop,” two middle-aged matrons meet in their afterlife―the lingerie department at Bergdorf Goodman’s, where they can shop to their hearts’ content with no limit on their credit cards. In “Ghost Academy,” a Black high school teacher learns to be a vengeful ghost, and its cost.

Book II, “I Dream in Black and White,” is an homage to the chiaroscuro noir films of the ’40s and ’50s.

A retired copywriter in his late sixties dreams a film noir story in black and white. Every night, his dreamlife reveals a continuation of the story. In the dream, he is young, strong, and handsome. But every morning the dream fades. Try as he may, the dreamer can only recall tantalizing slivers. He knows it’s no ordinary dream; he knows it’s exciting and romantic―everything his boring and repetitive life is not. He becomes obsessed with remembering it, so he seeks help from a hypnotherapist. What he learns leads him into uncharted territory, a place where life, death, and dreams intersect.

Myers is a great storyteller.  If you’re a fan of the Twilight Zone, give these stories a try.   L. S. Popovich

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“... Vignettes of life after death experiences. Making you think of what you truly believe and what you think you believe. Thought provoking. ” 

Rose Bailey, Booksprout

Do you ever wonder what happens after you die?
Explore many different scenarios through the points of view of this book's narrators! 

The book will really make you stop and think about what happens in ‘the hereafter.’ The storyline is extremely creative and original, and it was very entertaining to read the post-death stories of all the different characters.

Kelsey Cashman Reedsy Discovery

“The stories certainly challenge the accepted beliefs many of us have, but also reinforces other philosophies and their teachings... encourage some introspection about our own lives ...  will both entertain and raise some interesting questions about what actually might be out there, such as should we be fearful or excited about the next adventure in our story. Recommended. ”

  Sally Cronin, Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

“… delightful. Outstanding. Impressive, well written, and made for pleasurable reading I recommend to everyone.”

  Joseph Carrabis, author of The Rabbit Hole, That Think You Do, The Inheritors, and many more

“Very fascinating! I am very glad I read it!! The author has such a dazzling way of keeping you engrossed with words.”  

Cheryl M. Rivera

“Libraries and readers seeking a powerful compendium of thoughts about what an afterlife could ultimately bring and mean, especially those involved in book club or spiritual discussion groups interested in literary works that excel in their disparate visions of these possibilities, will find Tales From the Hereafter a hard-hitting series of vignettes that grasp with creative surprises and unpredictable scenarios and outcomes.”

 — D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review