Cover by Ara Laylo

Young Turks
Omer Kursat

ISBN 978-1944521561,  September 26, 2023
Softcover, Second Edition, 60 pages, 8.25 x 6 in.

Young Turks is a photographic narrative that paints a dreamy landscape of portraits that tell a story of coming of age—a story of innocence, beauty, friendship and love. 

All photographs were taken in Ankara and İzmir on various occasions during the seventies. 

Now Eros shakes my soul,
a wind on the mountain falling on the oaks.

– Sappho

Omer Kursat has an incredibly sharp eye: his photographs create a narrative of their ownno words required. He paints a dreamy landscape that softly captures one of life's major passages: coming of age. His characters are distant but very much alive. In their eyes, you see dreams as they look at an uncertain world with hope and anticipation. 

from a reader review

I thank Kursat for triggering an interesting, and totally unexpected, meditation. 

reader comment

Images from the photo exhibit held in conjunction with the initial release of the book: