Charlie & The Electric Co. — This is the earliest example of a Zubit cartoon, from around 1977, even before they were named "the zubits". The original drawing was sent to either the Creem or the Rolling Stone magazine along with other sketches. Obviously there was no response to this unsolicited request.

Sketches - An attempt to continue the electric light bulb theme.  And a "farout" one.

The Zubit People — We see the coinage of the "zubit" name for the first time.

Victims of Fate (Kader Kurbanları, in Turkish) — This social commentary is alluding to the drug scene of the mid-70's in Ankara, using the Turkish cliché slang phrases of the times. Let me know if you want to attempt an English translation/transliteration.

Split, Slice & Salt — A three part series where Zubits demonstrate limited shape-changing qualities.

Going Parallel — A tendency towards a graphical refinement can be observed. The "Trojan Parallel" is a reference to the alternative paper that was in publication at University of Southern California.

Boredom in Class  — Sketching in the classroom, not sure what class.

Attack & Revenge — Zubits experience an unprovoked attack by the Glips; and then fight back, 1978.

Reintroduction — After a break of several years, Zubits make a comeback in 1984.

The "New" Zubits — Blinded by Science in 1986: Zubits transforms into robots.

Introduce Ourselves — Zubits introduce themselves to my cousins Jonathan and Maria in 1990.

Bits and Bytes & Bugs — A new career in computers influence Zubits.


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