Join Us for a Book Launch and Photo Exhibit at
Hound & Quail

To Celebrate the Photography of
Peggy Ferris

Saturday, May 18, 2019
5 to 8 pm
1156 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu

Hope to see you there!
Here's a preview on instagram

The story of this collection of photographs started at a garage sale upon acquiring a metal index card box containing medium-format negatives. They belonged to Peggy Ferris, a journalist and a photographer who started her career in California and eventually journeyed to and settled in Hawai\\u02BBi. After her death in 1999, the negatives were inherited by her cousin, who some years later placed them in a garage sale in Honolulu. \\u200B\\u200B

The tin box was a treasure chest full of visually captivating images from a bygone era, unleashing a dormant stream of magical, fossilized memories. What might have been lost forever was thankfully captured on film by Ferris, a highly gifted yet unknown photographer with a tremendously keen eye.

The images in the collection can be grouped into three categories: Historical scenes of California at various Santa Clara County locations and a few glimpses of Honolulu, portraits of a broad range of subjects including Ferris herself, and a set of particularly fascinating images that portray the members of Roadrunner Productions, a theater troupe formed by Stanford University graduates in 1940.

Peggy Ferris Photographs was published in 2018 to contain all images of the collection. The negatives have been gifted to the Stanford University Archives along with all intellectual rights, and after January 1, 2025, the collection will only be available for educational and not-for-profit purposes.