American Crabgrass (Two Seas Volume I)
Poetry by Michael Sanders

ISBN 978-1-944521-02-8, published October 16, 2016. 42 pages, 7'' x 10''.


Pluck each word off with your teeth
like a plump sweet grape
see how it feels in your mouth
let it burst and flood your lips your tongue
let its dark fragrant juice run down your chin
stain your shirt
your heart.

“How to Eat a Poem”, Michael Sanders
West Palm Beach, May 8, 2015

“... Poetry in the twenty-first century, in the wake of modernism’s stylistic experiments, the postwar “confessional” poets, and the sometimes inescapable navel-gazing of the MFA industry, seems particularly inhospitable to narrative. Michael Sanders is content to swim against this tide. While Sanders has written some lovely personal lyrics, and while he has carefully and thoughtfully pressed at the limits of some familiar forms, experimenting with variations on the sonnet, the prose poem, and various rhymed structures, the heart of his work lies in telling stories about people other than the poet himself.”

“... Sanders himself, for this poet—like Edward Arlington Robinson or Robert Frost—is busily and cleverly trying out voices, exploring the experience, pain, and isolation of others, in order to gain a better perspective on what we share as human beings in this new millennium.”

— from the preface by Mark Scroggins, author of The Poem of a Life.