Lee Siegel

If we are to believe critically acclaimed fiction writer Lee Siegel, the author of Horseplay is actually a horse, yes, a talking horse named Gulliver. And if that is not unbelievable enough, this witty and erudite equine waxes quite eloquently on myriad subjects in various languages. According to Siegel, Gulliver dictated the series of twelve stories that constitute this fantastic text. Each marvelous tale is about one of his male progenitors, each of them endowed with the gift of speech. The stories, passed down to Gulliver by those amazingly garrulous ancestral stallions from generation to generation, constitute a kind of comedic stud book or literary breeding registry. The stories are at once sublimely romantic and yet bawdily down to earth, occasionally melancholy but fundamentally hilarious. Horseplay is indisputably one of the greatest books ever composed by a horse.

Paperback ISBN 978-1-944521-10-3,164 pages, 5.06" x 7.81"
Kindle Edition ISBN 978-1-944521-11-0

Coming in August 2020