DON'T TRIP OVER THE GARDEN HOSE & Other Blood Sacrifices
Poems by Elsha Bohnert

ISBN 978-0983504122, published March 25, 2013. Paperback, 96 pages, 6'' x 9''.

Part memoir, part dream, each poem plays with the craziness and rare beauty of being alive. It’s a poke in the ribs, “a needle aimed correctly,” “a blood sacrifice.” Most of all, it’s about digging in dirt with bare hands, cussing and crying, because you know you've buried your heart here somewhere.

into my room
he said
I will change you
into a woman

— from MAGICIAN, Don't Trip Over the Garden Hose

I no do dis for fun
she says
eyebrows popping like jumping fish
one higher than the other

da tourists dey no care
she points at her two dusty bags
used and reused
bulging with plastic bottles
and soda cans
retrieved from the trash bins
along kalakaua avenue
on her daily walk
from the ala wai to her garden plot
at diamond head

one bus drivah he say
you no can ride my bus
coz you dirty

but I tell him
I clean
I doing dis for exercise

— from AUNTIE, Don't Trip Over the Garden Hose