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A Fascination with Beauty and Abundance

I spent most of my childhood summers at my family's house on the Aegean coast in Turkey, where reeds (Arundo donax, giantgrass, and kargi in Turkish) grew in abundance along the shoreline. They were planted many years ago by local farmers to protect the nearby crops from the effects of sea-weather; now they spread tall and wide, almost out of control, bordering the beach and the farmland.

I was always fascinated with their abundance, strength and versatility. I would spend hours cutting and trimming and whittling kargi for toys and countless other utilitarian purposes around the house.

This influence set the stage for later years at various places around the globe, where I continued working with the materials available around me, creating artifacts for self-expression and pure enjoyment of the shape, color and variety.

I take pleasure in highlighting the inherent beauty of the materials, however the ultimate contentment lies with the many moments during collecting and construction, when I experience an awareness of being part of the natural world.

Currently, I continue my artistic pursuits in Waimanalo, Hawai'i, where the 'ãina (land) provides materials of yet another dimension and magnitude.

Omer Kursat





Omer Kursat
PO Box 440
Waimanalo, HI  96795

email 'info at deuxmers dot com'

Liberty House - Ku'u Home Island Gifts
September 18, 2001
Personal Appearance

Liberty House - Ku'u Home Award
September 9 - 23, 2001

Liberty House - Ku'u Home Island Gifts
August 19, 2000
Personal Appearance

Liberty House - Ku'u Home Island Gifts
October 25, 1999 - December 5, 2001
Ala Moana, Honolulu, Hawai'i

Robyn Buntin of Honolulu - Oceania Gallery
July 22 - August 22, 1999
Honolulu, Hawai'i

3rd Hale'iwa Arts Festival
July 22 - 23, 1999
North Shore - Oahu, Hawai'i

2nd Hale'iwa Arts Festival
July 17 - 18, 1999
North Shore - Oahu, Hawai'i

Recycle Art '99
Juror: Marcia Morse
April 22 - May 6, 1999
Honolulu Hale - Honolulu, Hawai'i

1st Hale'iwa Arts Festival
July 18-19, 1998
North Shore - Oahu, Hawai'i

Bamboo Art
Curator: Anne F. Crumpacker
April 29 - May 24, 1997
PDX Gallery - Portland, Oregon

Recycle Art ’97
Juror: Ira Ono
April 19 - May 8, 1997
Honolulu Hale - Honolulu, Hawai'i

Spectrum ’96
Juror: Charles Higa
Windward Artists Guild Juried Exhibition,
September 1996
Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden - Kaneohe, Hawai'i

Big Island Bamboo Conference
May 1996
University Of Hawai'i - Hilo, Hawai'i

44th Cherry Blossom Festival
February 1996
Bishop Museum - Honolulu, Hawai'i


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